Saturday, July 7, 2012

Walkin' Disaster: Please, Judge Me :)

Walkin' Disaster: Please, Judge Me :): I am going to explain to everyone why I really don’t care about these pictures that I post, because apparently, I have no self esteem or, confidence, & I lack self respect. When I first starting using Twitter, I thought it was just a game and an alternative way to talk to my sister…It’s all fun and games with me. I don’t really know any of you and the ones I do know, know me so well enough to know that that I have balls and “judgmental” people are my favorite people to study and I never really mind anybody's business or judge what other people do, so when I see other people doing it, it drives me to figure out why. What a lot of people don’t know is that, I am smart…I have a lot of brains & honestly I don’t feel like I need to share something with a bunch of people that I don’t know. I know what people see when they look at me. I am not stupid people. I am aware that I have a pretty face, and I flaunt my chest a lot. But, it is MY CHEST to do what I please with it. & if that means that by entertaining a few people haha that is completely fine with me. When I have kids and I’m sharing stories, I get to say, “baby girl/baby boy when I was 22 I competed in a boob contest with your Aunt JoJo and I won!” haha because that is what life is about, having memories of doing silly things and loving every minute of life. It makes me happy doing things that make people laugh, happy, and makes a grumpy man smile! & one day when you’re sitting with your kids all you’re gonna get to say is “there was one time on twitter, there was a girl posting pictures of her chest and that’s just wrong. You should never be like that girl!”
I learned a long time ago that, I might as well do the things that are going to make me happy, smile, & laugh cause, whether I am doing the “right” things or the “wrong” things, people are going to judge me for it. I am not into this whole twitter thing for FOLLOWERS so, if anything I post offends you, please, feel free to push that unfollow button. It is not going to hurt my feelings that a bunch of strangers don’t like me. SOCIAL NETWORKING is not my life…so what you say about me on facebook and twitter, actually doesn’t phase me at all.

The only thing that you do by voicing your opinion that other girls don’t have any self respect, and self esteem, and confidence is, you’re being the bully. You’re judging people for actions that actually have nothing to do with you. What you are doing, is giving people the permission to judge you as you judge others. As you find flaws in another person, someone else will find flaws in you, because we all have them. People are always complaining that they just want acceptance for being who they are, but what people don’t always understand is that they have to accept everyone else for who they are. Even if is not everything you agree with…

My favorite saying by the judgmental people is “If you don’t respect yourself, how are you going to expect others to respect you.” This is what I have to say to that… How are you going to expect others to respect you if all you do is look down upon their decisions and actions…? I respect myself in a way that no other person is going to understand because “self respect” is a pretty intimate & personal feeling that happens within a person, its something that nobody else in the entire world can see, so how is it that everyone can comment on anyone else lacking self respect when they couldn’t possibly know if that is a fact?

& also, id just like to say that, I am a strong individual who can take the mean comments and criticism… but not a lot of girls are like that. Some of these girls really get their feelings hurt and by your comments they really do lose self esteem because of them. You’re telling them that there is something wrong with the person that they are choosing to be… & how can someone actually think, in their mind, its okay to say that to someone else. KNOWING that everything that makes you different makes you the individual you are…

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