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Brandon & Britni Bird
April 10, 2010- Present
                      LADIES & GENTLEMEN 
David & Brittney Sullivan
June 27, 2004- Present
 There are decent men/women out there in the world!!!
I post these pictures of these lovely couples to let every "single" person out there know, that there are great women/men out there. Not all women are "bitches" & not all single men are "creepers" or "assholes".  Some of these couples are just dating & some of them have been married for years but they all have found someone that they wanna be with & that's what matters. 

Don't there all look happy !! :) 

Chris Hill & Ana Moya
February 9, 2012- Present
Matt Middleton & Anna Fitzhugh
August 21, 2011- Present
Okay, so I originally thought that this was going to be 2 different blog posts but now that I have started typing I'm going to go ahead & smash the two posts together.  Relationships happen for many different reasons. Usually, it's because something, chemical or physical, attracted someone to another person. I like to think that people choose their partners based off of the attributes that they like about themselves. For instance, if you are a genuinely happy person you are drawn to someone who is generally happy with themselves & the person that they have become. I know for a fact that people choose their partners based off of what they lack as well. If there isn't enough humor in their lives, they choose someone who is funny & who can make them laugh. All relationships have their flaws. There are always going to be things that you don't like about the person that you are dating/or are married too but that just comes with being in a relationship. You have to take the good with the bad. 
Joey & Lynise Scott
November 1, 2010- Present
Megan Newkirk & Stephen Warne
September 28, 2008-Present
The beauty about relationships is that you can overlook someones flaws & appreciate that person for what the bring to the relationship. When you let someone's flaws outshine all of their GREAT qualities, that's when you know that the relationship isn't meant to be. No one is perfect & no should should expect their partners to be. 


Lately, (mainly on Twitter & Facebook) I have seen a lot of women saying that they are tired of the same old chit chat that comes with meeting new guys that are all the same. Have you met all the guys on the planet? How do you know that all guys are the same? Has it occurred to any of you girls that maybe there is something wrong with you? I honestly don't think that all the "assholes" in your area come knocking down your down coincidentally. 
This means that whatever circumstance your love life faces, you are making the choice for it to be that way.
If things are not going so well, you are choosing to listen to fear and hatred.
If things are going fantastically, you are making the choice to listen to love and happiness. You are owning your own power.But whether you listen to love or fear is not the point, the point is that the decision is your’s to choose.
If you begin to pay particular attention to the circumstances in your love life, you will see that somehow, there was a choice that led you to it. It’s hard to hear, but somebody’s got to say it!

Many women get themselves wrapped up into a victim mentality. A victim mentality is the opposite of making a choices. A victim believes that all of the choices were made for her, and a victim usually lives her problematic life enjoying it.

Women, unlike men to a large extent, feel guilty for all of their problems.  Women feel somehow to blame.  But this is not true!  You are not guilty, you simply have not taken up the responsibility of your love life yet.  And there is a VERY fine line between responsibility & guilt.
Guilt looks to the past and to what cannot be undone.  Responsibility looks to the future and to what can be created with what you have available to you right now.  And let me tell you that no matter how many times you have failed, there is always room to change right NOW.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but women enjoy their problems! They go out to a bar and have a round of martini’s discussing man troubles. It’s a night out. The victim mentality is everywhere and it’salways being shown to you. It’s on TV, soap operas, movies, the theater, your mom.
People are rewarded for being victims and losing at life, being pushed around by the seas rather than grabbing life by the balls and making their own choices about how they want to live.
There is great fear that once she make the choice to live by her freewill, she will no longer feel valued by others.

A woman who takes responsibility for creating her own love life has the love life she has always wanted. 

When she lives by choice, validation drops away and instead of the validation once received from others, they become jealous. Most women have crappy love lives and they want you to live it right there with them.  We are all selfish and want what’s best for us.

It’s like this: 10% of people grab life by the balls and the other 90% are jealous of them, and the jealousy is disguised in disrespect, anger, insults, rudeness.

But dropping the validation of jealous wannabes for the magnificence of love and happiness is more than a fair trade off ;)
A victim never gets the love life she want. A victim is always a half-hearted event. It can never be full of heart, because even she knows that she’s making the choice to fool herself.
You have the power to make your love life the way that you want it.  I would not say it if I hadn’t experienced it myself.

You hold all of the marbles for your own love life. It starts with choosing to be a victim or to grab life by the balls.

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  1. Love your post and enjoy reading all of your tweets. Having been married for 23.5 years (November 1988), i know that it is a lot of work and that there are ups and downs to every relationship.

    The thing that i have learned is that a courtship does not end at the wedding ceremony, but that i must court my wife everyday. Too many guys are hunters and love the hunt for our mate, but once we have completed a successful hunt, we lose some interest. That is why i consciously court (hunt) my wife daily.

    Keep the posts and tweets coming.