Thursday, June 21, 2012

Southern Belle Secrets

#1 Hay is for horses

#2 I'd rather be "nekkid"

#3 Northerners bug you

#4 Cowboy boots are essential

#5 Its tea, not sweet tea. It should always come sweet

#6 Y'all NOT Ya'll

#7 A moderately attractive man can become a God if he can play the guitar

#8 fried chicken, fried pickles, fried shrimp, fried steak, fried ocre, fried crab, fried eggs, fried bananas FRIED EVERYTHING

#9 We don't sweat, we glisten

#10 “Bless your heart” is the worst insult you can get

#11 The higher the hair, the closer to God

#12  We know how to properly use the word “fixin”

#13 Knowing the family history. we’re southern royalty.

#14 Everyone is your darling

#15 Sundays = church goin’ and front porch sittin’

#16 “Ma’am” or “Sir” can be added to the end of every sentence without being redundant

#17 If anyone tells you a southern girl shouldn't drink, tell them we don’t drink. we sip… a lot

#18 Nothing too easy, or done too quickly is going to be right. it takes time to create perfection, whether it is your tea or your hair

#19 Flip flops are worn all year long

#20 Southern hospitality is NOT a myth

#21 We don’t start fights, but we know how to finish them

#22  Not only do you have to love thy neighbor, but you have to make sure they never go hungry

#23 We say reckon just as much as we say y’all

#24 Just because we’re southern doesn't mean we’re ignorant or lazy

#25 Manners are not optional 

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